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Sanghoon Kim, MD, MSc: BWH 3T MRS 2HG Optimization Progress Report





Sanghoon Kim, MD, MSc
Research Fellow (T32)
Department of Radiology
Brigham and Women’s Hospital


2HG is the specific biomarker for the IDH mutation in gliomas. To get the correct spectrum analysis, precise basis set calculation would be essential. The basis set was the simulated result from PRESS sequence physical parameters fixed in our clinical setting. However, the Siemens scanner automatically set the 180 RF duration based on each patient’s information. Our dataset found nine 180 RF pulse durations from 5 ms to 6.6 ms. In this study, I want to examine the 180 RF pulse duration effect in 3T MRS spectrum analysis and present a practical solution for the precise analysis.

Short Bio

Sanghoon Kim, MD, MSc is a research fellow (T32) at the Center for Clinical Spectroscopy in the Department of Radiology at Mass General Brigham. For more than 10 years, he has been actively involved in 7T MR projects, including angiography, MR sequence development, clinical imaging protocol development, and parallel-transmit imaging. At BWH, he is focusing on the brain tumor MRI projects, including MRS and sodium imaging.

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