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Gregory DePrisco, MD: Imaging of Uterine Transplants Donors & Recipients

Gregory DePrisco

Gregory DePrisco, MD
Diagnostic Radiologist
Center for Diagnostic Imaging (CDI), Texas


Uterus transplantation is emerging as a treatment for absolute uterine factor infertility. The selection process of donors and recipients is vital to a transplant program’s success, particularly as regards live uterine donation. Multi-modality imaging evaluation of live donor candidates can bolster success, with attention to uterine arterial and venous anatomy, best achieved my CT and MRI, respectively. The detailed evaluation of uterine grafts following transplant is largely dependent on Doppler US. Close collaboration between the transplant team a radiologist champion is integral to program success.
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Short Bio

Greg is a diagnostic radiologist in the body imaging division at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas. After graduating from UT Southwestern Medical School he attended the Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology and completed a fellowship in MRI at Baylor University Medical Center. His clinical areas of interest are living liver donor transplant evaluation, uterine transplantation and oncology imaging, with emphasis on hepatobiliary and rectal malignancy. He credits any success he has had to his mentors and colleagues in the disciplines of radiology and surgery, but foremost to the encouragement of his loving wife, Michelle Nichols, MD.

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