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AT-NCIGT - The National Center for Advanced Technologies for Image Guided Therapy

Deep Dive: The A.I. Revolution in Medicine

Tina Kapur, PhD is  an invited speaker at this event that hosted by Massachusetts General Hospital in partnership with HUBweek and Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology and The Boston Globe.

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and deep learning have the potential to transform the field of medicine in the coming decade by improving physicians’ ability to quickly and more accurately diagnose and treat certain conditions. The Center for Clinical Data Science at Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital is at the forefront of helping to shape the discussion and use of A.I. to improve medical outcomes.

The possibilities – and challenges – are endless for clinicians, researchers, managers and policy-makers. Issues from data accessibility and safety, to validation and testing, to future staffing have significant implications for clinical practices of the future.

In this highly interactive session, experts involved in using A.I. in the fields of radiology and guided imaging, surgery planning, and in resource-poor settings will discuss their own experiences in overcoming obstacles and moving this important work forward. Join experts in exploring big questions of addressing public fear of A.I., the future of government regulation, ethical questions and more.

This program is designed for clinicians, researchers, health care managers, health care policy community, labor experts, entrepreneurs, artificial intelligence experts, health insurers, patient advocates, foundations, funders, and students. Please note: seating for this program is limited, and we ask that you stay for the duration of the event. Please tell us a bit about your interest in this program when applying so we can understand how you will benefit/contribute to this robust discussion and that we are able to work with our speakers and moderators in advance to effectively curate the program to make the best use of your time.

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